Multistage Centrifugal Pump

Traditional structure, wide application range






Motor Power: 18.5-1600kw


High efficiency and Energy saving

Advanced process equipment

Unique  structure

Material choosing

Fine appearance



Model Applicable media Texture of material
D Pure water, below 80℃ Flow passage parts material: cast iron
DF Oil, temperature below 80℃,Viscosity less than 120 cSt Flow passage parts material: cast steel or cast stainless steel based on temperature and causticity of the fluid
DY Corrosive fluids, -20℃~105℃ Flow passage parts material: cast iron, cast steel or cast stainless steel based on temperature of the fluid
MD Fluids with solids ≤1.5%, dia. ≤0.5mm, temperature -20~80℃  Flow passage material: wear-resistance iron or ductile iron



·  High efficiency and Energy saving

We have developed our unique technology for manufacturing, model designing and making,foundry techniques of hydraulic parts in that we take advantage of precise foundry on all wets parts  to  assure  their  brightness,cleanliness,and  accurate dimensions.So the actual efficiency are at least 2% higher than other general multistage centrifugal pumps.



·  Advanced process equipment
Every single processed part will have cleaned by means of advanced imported cleaning equipment for better assembling concern.  Besides  material  inspection,hydraulic  test,static balancing testing,all pump rotors beyond 6 grades will have axial movement tested controlled within 5 millisecond,and then the balancing test shall be made according to G2.5 grade. Recheck axial movements of all shafts after assembly to assure the quality of the pump.



·  Unique  structure
A sealing O-ring is set between balancing ring and fitting surface of the pump to avoid high pressure water coming into balancing stage and wear and tear of the balancing plate to
obtain better durability.Wear indicator of balancing plate is set at the end of the shaft for wear monitoring for pumps beyond DN200.  This  makes  the  replacement  of balancing  plate
reasonably to assure fine operation.



·  Material choosing
Balancing plate and the area around can be made of welding alloy,alloy steel or ductile cast iron QT600Mn2 concerning their high surficial hardness and fine durability.Flowing-over part of
MD pump is of abrasion resistant by using material of alloy wear resistant ductile cast iron or high-grade wear-resistant ductile cast iron.



·  Fine appearance
The appearance of the pump is fine taking advantage of precise mold casting procedures and automatic painting.



Performance Range




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